At Clearwater adults are referred to as "Staff" rather than "Teachers" reflecting that they are equals to students. Staff take on many different roles: mentor, facilitator, administrator, and friend.

Stephanie Sarantos - Clearwater Staff

Stephanie Sarantos

Stephanie has always had a passionate interest in human development and education that led her to pursue eclectic careers working with children—as an oncology nurse, improvisational dance instructor and a parent. She has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with specializations in child temperament, cognitive and social development and statistical analysis. Her interest in the Sudbury model was inspired in equal parts through her studies of education and through watching three-year-old children play imaginary games for hours, days and weeks on end.  Her faith in the model has grown in proportion to seeing those children and many other students grow into adulthood. She was involved with the original Clearwater founding group and has worked at the school ever since.

Stephanie’s official duties include many tasks: administration, book keeping, communications, bandaging wounds, enrolling new students, educating and supporting parents and sometimes teaching classes. She loves her job and feels incredibly privileged to count so many amazing children as friends. In her spare time she especially enjoys learning new things and staying active with distance running, and soccer. The pursuit of something brand new profoundly informs her work at Clearwater. Through her own learning curve, she discovers first hand, the value of failures and plateaus in the process of seeking mastery.

Gray Newlin - Clearwater Staff

Gray Newlin

Gray has worked in community based education and empowerment for the past 10+ years both as a youth and as an adult. In 2015 they graduated from Fairhaven College with their self-designed major titled "Queering Education Through Social Justice, Creative Expression, and Somatic Psychology" which tries to get to the root of why school is important, how it does or does not serve us, and how our bodies, minds, and souls learn, unlearn, and thrive. They constantly strive to answer those questions and more through their work with The Queer and Trans Youth Music Project and in their everyday life. Their skills and interests include: music (acoustic, electronic, and more), herbalism, food justice, poetry, creative writing and creative nonfiction, YA Lit, trauma studies, art therapy, experimental theater, viewpoints theater, community organizing/event planning, queer history and theory, and more!

Evan Spog - Clearwater Staff

Evan Spong

Bio Coming Soon!

Emmett’s Intern Bio

Emmett Moore

My name is Emmett, and I'm the guinea pig for Clearwater's internship program. So far I'm delighted, challenged, and feeling right at home. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to join this community.

A quick synopsis of my background: I graduated from Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies in ‘14 with a concentration in American Cultural Studies and History, with an additional emphasis in queer and colonial theories and methodologies. Much of my work experience has centered in the fields of social work with homeless youth and adults with developmental disabilities. I'm drawn to opportunities where I can partner with someone else in their own development, which makes this internship a pretty great fit. I’m passionate about music as well, and have been playing piano, guitar, and singing since my early teens, with two years of coursework completed on music theory and performance at Willamette University in the 2000s.

As a learner, I’ve undergone some awesome changes in the past ten years, from competitive and high-stakes to relational and theory-informed. This internship is coming at the perfect time in my broader development as a learner and in my longer path in education. I’m in the information-gathering process of looking into masters programs and possibly PhD programs while I consider a future in teaching, researching, and writing.