Frequently Asked Questions

Age mixing at its best. Older students cleaning the active room with younger students.

- I want to visit!

Families looking to enroll may contact the school to schedule a tour of our campus. See more in How to Enroll. If you are interested in the school for other reasons, we suggest writing to us with why you are interested in Clearwater and what you would like to get out of your visit. Visits longer than a brief tour need to be approved by School Meeting and can take two or more weeks to approve.

- What is your curriculum?

At Clearwater we have no required curriculum, no tests, no grades, and no homework. This means students have no pressure to meet standardized assessments and more space to focus on individual needs and the activities that interest them most. Read more in How it Works.

- Do you provide lunch?

No, we do not provide lunch. Students are responsible for adequately feeding themselves throughout the day. They are free to bring packed lunches, bring food to prepare/cook themselves, or (if they have off-campus privileges) go off campus to purchase food.

- What if I can’t afford tuition?

Clearwater cares about maintaining a financially diverse community. If you want to enroll but are worried about finances, you can apply for tuition assistance. See more in Tuition/Assistance.

- How do I know if school is cancelled for weather or otherwise?

We will email all families if and when school has to be cancelled due to weather. In the case of bad weather, please always use your own discretion to determine if road conditions are safe enough for you to get to school. In general, we follow the North Shore School Districts closures.

- When can I come to school after being sick?

Please follow these guidelines if you are sick:

  • Stay home if you are coming down with an illness to avoid spreading germs to others.
  • If you have a raised temperature stay home at least 24 hours past the last elevated temperature.
  • If you have symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea, stay home at least 24 hours after the last incidence of symptoms.
  • If you cannot manage to control coughing or nasal secretions by covering your mouth, or washing your hands and wiping your nose independently--stay home until it is something that others can help manage occasionally.

- I’m a parent, can I visit, have lunch, play with my kid, etc, at school?

Unless otherwise approved, parents can only be at school to pick up/drop off students or meet with staff members. Like any other visitor, parents need to be approved by school meeting to spend more time at school. From time to time we invite families and the community in for special events.

- What to bring

At Clearwater, you only need the the bare necessities. Students should come to school dressed appropriately for the weather and with a change of clothes in case they get excessively dirty or wet. Students are responsible for making sure they are eating throughout the day and should come prepared with plenty of food to keep them going all day long. Other than that, students can choose to bring supplies for projects, comforting items, toys, tablets, phones, etc

Child painting in the art room.