Room to explore

Situated on 3.4 acres, Clearwater’s buildings, play yard, and surrounding meadows and woodlands are transected by North Creek. Five buildings contain kitchen, art room, music room, theater, computer room, office, library, quiet areas, an active room, and many spaces for lounging, conversing, reading or gathering in groups.

Outside the buildings, there are covered and uncovered play areas—but most importantly, there’s room for students to roam, watch salmon in the creek, build forts from storm castoffs, or otherwise explore nature.


The Clearwater School holds a strong commitment to contribute to a more sustainable environment. We’ve taken on several major restorations to our acreage funded in part by Snohomish County environmental initiatives. In the fall of 2011, we completed a major creek and habitat restoration project funded by Snohomish County, Salmon Recovery Funding Board and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The stretch of North Creek at the school and across the street at Clearwater Commons—together known as the Clearwater Reach—is now reshaped, restored and replanted to promote salmon habitat and minimize flooding.

We installed a solar panel demonstration project in the winter of 2010 funded by Snohomish County PUD’s Planet Power program through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In the summer of 2009, we installed a rain garden along our playground that was partially funded by Snohomish County and Snohomish Conservation District.

Several Clearwater families collectively purchased the 7.5 acres directly to the north of the school campus and founded the Clearwater Commons, an intentional, low-impact development. A total of 16 units will be constructed using low-impact building practices. The friendly relationship between the school and the Commons make for many shared opportunities.

Birds eye view of North Creek.