Enrollment Process

Enrollment Conference and Visiting Week

The official enrollment process begins with an enrollment conference and visiting week that can be scheduled by contacting the school office. A non-refundable fee of $200 is charged for the enrollment conference and visiting week.  The Registration Information Form can be downloaded below or completed at the conference.

The enrollment conference provides guidelines for the visiting student and clarifies the educational philosophy and practices of the school. Students, parents and staff can review expectations, clarify questions and address concerns. In addition, parents and visiting students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the visiting week. The visiting week provides a concrete experience of the school that helps students and families better understand the Clearwater educational process.

During the visiting week, new students attend Clearwater with the same rights and responsibilities as enrolled students, freely using school facilities and participating in school activities. Visiting students are expected to follow school rules and participate in School Meeting and the judicial process. Part-time students may schedule their visit for five days that follow the same pattern as their plan to enroll (for example: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday one week; Tuesday, Wednesday the following week).

Finalizing Enrollment

At the end of the visiting week the student may officially join the school and become a voting member of the School Meeting. At this time, all tuition fees must be paid and the tuition contract must be completed, signed and submitted. A second conference may be scheduled if requested by the student, parents or enrollment clerk.

Enrollment Forms

Click on forms to download to your computer.


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