When children are free, their learning is limitless. Clearwater students explore the world guided by their own interests, moving at their own pace. Free to think about who they are and how to spend their time, they play, talk openly with friends, investigate the world and dream. Students draw from staff and resources, as well as the offerings of the local community. Without grades, groupings by age or mandatory tests, children engage wholeheartedly in their passions—discovering for themselves their place in the world.
During their time at Clearwater, kids make the rules, decide how and what to learn, hire (and fire) staff and choose how to spend their time. Students spend years setting and achieving personal goals—and in the process learn the true meaning of responsibility.
Like adults in the greater community, Clearwater students each have a vote. When kids use their vote, they learn how to make decisions that affect their lives. In the weekly School Meeting, students use their voices to directly influence school governance. They create rules and policies, solve problems that arise and determine the school budget.
We trust that all human beings possess a powerful drive to learn and grow. Babies fall, fall again, then walk. Toddlers work endlessly to master the two-footed jump. Whether Clearwater students are passionate about performing Shakespeare, mastering soccer, building computers, drawing cartoons or monitoring spawning salmon, we make a point of not intruding on their natural drive to learn.
Every day, students of all ages make decisions that affect their lives and community. Learning happens naturally, a result of debate, exploration, research and curiosity. Our students are adaptable, self-assured, thoughtful people with the skills that actually lead to success. At Clearwater,
school isn’t practice, it’s real life.
Answers for Parents
The Clearwater School is inspired by an international network based on the Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts. Sudbury schools are run democratically, ensuring that each student’s voice is heard and valued. Children are trusted with the freedom and responsibility to direct their own education. Graduates move into their adult lives self-confident, articulate, resourceful and motivated.


Enrollment is open through out the school year. Contact the school office to learn more or schedule a visit. Tours are available during the summer months.

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