Prospective Families

The Sudbury model of education at the heart of The Clearwater School provides a radical departure from traditional models of education. We encourage prospective families to read our website carefully, contact the school to ask questions and read supplemental literature to learn as much as possible about our approach.

At first glance, the ways of Clearwater may seem completely foreign. Most parents, however, can relate to the way children learn at Clearwater by reflecting on how they learn as adults. Much of adult education happens in informal ways, by talking to coworkers, reading books and experimenting with hobbies and avocations. When adults explore ideas, learn trades or acquire skills in new areas, they are motivated by interests rather than mandates. Clearwater children enjoy this same freedom—they are not required to master a preset curriculum, so they have time to pursue interests in a timeframe that works for them. They are also free to learn by trial and error—the heart of experimentation—and enjoy the rewards of lasting learning without the punishment of bad grades.

Read more to learn about our enrollment and visitor policies or to schedule a visit. The Clearwater School has an open admissions policy. New students may join at any time during the school year. We require families to commit to attending the school for one year, as it can take new students time to settle into the Sudbury model. The Clearwater School welcomes racial, cultural and religious diversity, and families of every composition.

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