Student Leadership

Jesse, our School Meeting Chair
Vera, our Judicial Committee Chair.

School Meeting Chair

This is Jesse’s 11th year at Clearwater. This year he was elected as School Meeting Chair. Jesse sets the tone for School Meeting, ensuring everyone stays on topic and the procedures are followed accurately. He has already impacted School Meeting greatly, including introducing “Point of Order” from Roberts Rules of Order. He says he enjoys the legislative process and being in the know about everything happening at school.  

Judicial Committee Chair

Vera is 15 and has been at Clearwater practically her whole life. She is the Judicial Committee (J.C.) chair. In her role, she runs meetings, attends conferences, and gives a J.C. report in School Meeting if necessary. Vera thinks being the J.C. chair is fun: she's always enjoyed problem-solving and it gives her a chance to study psychology and see how different people respond to being accused of something they did or did not do. This is Vera's second year as J.C. chair. She has learned how to facilitate meetings efficiently, hear everyone's voice, make sure everyone feels heard, and how to resolve conflict.

Arlo, Attendance Clerk.
Jacy, Theater Committee President

Theater Committee President

Jacy has been attending Clearwater since she was 5 years old. In 2012 a group of students, including Jacy, formed the Theater committee. Ever since, the theater committee has been extremely active and has produced multiple plays every year. Jacy enjoys using the small black box theater the students created, she says the small space forces them to be more creative and focus on their acting skills. This year Jacy took on the role of being the Theater Committee President. She organizes and runs meetings as well as proposes dates for performances and acts as a voting member on the committee.

Attendance Clerk

Arlo has been a student since he was 4 years old. This year he decided he wanted to be more involved in the operations of the school. He chose to do this by becoming the Co-Attendance Clerk alongside our staff person, Stephanie. He’s enjoying having more responsibility and taking on new challenges. In this position, he gets to have contact with each individual student as he works with them to ensure they are checking in and out each day and are following our attendance guidelines.