Student Leadership

Official positions at Clearwater can be held by students or staff and are determined during elections in School Meeting.

Jesse, our School Meeting Chair
Vera, our Judicial Committee Chair.

School Meeting Chair

This is Jesse’s 11th year at Clearwater. This year he was elected as School Meeting Chair. Jesse sets the tone for School Meeting, ensuring everyone stays on topic and the procedures are followed accurately. He has already impacted School Meeting greatly, including introducing “Point of Order” from Roberts Rules of Order. He says he enjoys the legislative process and being in the know about everything happening at school.  

Judicial Committee Chair

Vera is 15 and has been at Clearwater practically her whole life. She is the Judicial Committee (J.C.) chair. In her role, she runs meetings, attends conferences, and gives a J.C. report in School Meeting if necessary. Vera thinks being the J.C. chair is fun: she's always enjoyed problem-solving and it gives her a chance to study psychology and see how different people respond to being accused of something they did or did not do. This is Vera's second year as J.C. chair. She has learned how to facilitate meetings efficiently, hear everyone's voice, make sure everyone feels heard, and how to resolve conflict.

Arlo, Attendance Clerk.
Jacy, Theater Committee President

Theater Committee President

Jacy has been attending Clearwater since she was 5 years old. In 2012 a group of students, including Jacy, formed the Theater committee. Ever since, the theater committee has been extremely active and has produced multiple plays every year. Jacy enjoys using the small black box theater the students created, she says the small space forces them to be more creative and focus on their acting skills. This year Jacy took on the role of being the Theater Committee President. She organizes and runs meetings as well as proposes dates for performances and acts as a voting member on the committee.

Attendance Clerk

Arlo has been a student since he was 4 years old. This year he decided he wanted to be more involved in the operations of the school. He chose to do this by becoming the Co-Attendance Clerk alongside our staff person, Stephanie. He’s enjoying having more responsibility and taking on new challenges. In this position, he gets to have contact with each individual student as he works with them to ensure they are checking in and out each day and are following our attendance guidelines.

Read Arlo's paper exploring the problems that come with the traditional U.S. education model and it compares to Clearwater here.


More School Meeting Members



Catie spends much of her time at Clearwater working on intricate art projects. Her go-to method is pencil sketching but she is also enjoying exploring oil paints now. She finds that doing art on her terms instead of working on assigned projects has helped her improve her artistic skills. Catie also enjoys watching movies and expanding her film knowledge, teaching herself how to play the piano and bass, hanging out with friends, and going for walks. During her time at Clearwater she feels that she has become much more responsible. Now that she is in charge of what she does, rather than following someone else’s schedule, she feels she makes more rational choices and has improved her ability to manage time. @ The Clearwater School

Student Profile Portrait.


This is Desi’s third year at Clearwater. She likes to swing on the monkey bars, play trains, and play with friends. She loves that at school she is surrounded by her friends and that they all look out for one another. Desi says “School is really fun. We make lots of new friends, and there’s staff to learn from, and lots of places you can go when it’s raining”!

Dominic in the courtyard. 


Dominic has been going to Clearwater for five years. He loves to skate and do parkour. He likes that he can spend tons of time with his best friend during school hours. His favorite thing about Clearwater is that he has the ability to express his freedom without judgement. 



This is Epiphany’s fourth year at Clearwater. She is the leader of the decorating committee, which recently painted a mural in the common room. The committee plans to continue to improve and beautify the school. During the day she likes to hang out with her friends and boyfriend, walk to get coffee, and draw. Epiphany has performed in many Clearwater theater productions. Amongst her friends she is known as the “Meme Queen of Clearwater”. 
Epiphany appreciates that the Clearwater community is socially aware, accepting, and that you can have open dialogue about current events.



This is Heidi’s fourth year at Clearwater. She loves to explore, play outside, and to play games with her friends. This year you can often find her in the art room making elaborate masks. She is very excited to recently have been certified for some of the kitchen equipment. While she thinks that JC (Judicial Committee) can sometimes be scary, she likes that "you don’t really get in trouble and instead you talk about your problems". She says that some schools separate students by their ages and she is really glad that at Clearwater she can play with students of all ages. For example, last year she learned to skateboard from some older students. She loves Clearwater because you can choose what you do and play all day!

Josie, student.


This is Josie’s first year at Clearwater. She started and manages the Dance Club- a club where students practice dance together and play dance games. She has participated in the democratic process at Clearwater by reserving the active room for her club through school meeting. Josie also loves to play outside, talk with friends, and play Minecraft and Roblox.
Josie values that at Clearwater she has complete freedom of expression. 

Teen boy with curly hair smiling outside at The Clearwater School.


This is Liam’s third year at Clearwater. His favorite things to do at school are make movies, climb trees, and have fun. He loves filmmaking because it integrates so many different art forms like costume design, music, writing, directing, and more. You can spot his films from the fake blood on people’s foreheads, he says it’s his signature move. Before finding Clearwater, Liam tried many different schools attempting to find the right fit for him. He says that he now feels like Clearwater is where he belongs.

Student Portrait. Artist.


Macy is one of our many talented artists. She has been coming to Clearwater for 6 years now. When she is at school she likes to draw, watch YouTube videos, laugh at memes, sing, and hang out with friends. Her favorite thing about Clearwater is that she has the freedom to be herself. 

Young student smiling outside. Student Profile Portrait.


This is Madeline’s second year at Clearwater. At school she likes to play board games, explore outside, and go for walks. She says she has made tons of new friends at school. She loves that at Clearwater you can learn while having fun.

Teen Student


Mara was born into the Clearwater community and has been a student since she was four years old. She is a Theater Committee member and is currently rehearsing a play in which she will be the lead character. She’s excited to take on this challenging role and push herself as an actress. She is also an Art Room Committee member as well as the clean up leader for the art room. She is responsible for ensuring the art room materials are cared for properly and that we continue to have supplies in stock. In addition to that, she is the assistant Clean up chair. This means she assists our staff member Mat, in assigning clean-up jobs and ensuring they are completed properly. While she hasn’t experienced other school environments, she says “I just love my school”!

Teen Student


Nikos has attended Clearwater his entire life. He’s had the unique opportunity to witness the school through many of it’s changes; from overhauling the rulebook, to seeing the school through two of it's locations, and so much more. Nikos is a self-proclaimed ex-troublemaker. He says that the level of responsibility he has at school and the trust that the community puts in him made him want to change his ways and stop being sneaky and causing trouble. Now Nikos is a filmmaker. He loves making both documentaries and narratives.
He recently travelled to Cuba and enjoyed seeing how different the culture is there. It made him think about the relation between other societies and Clearwater’s community and the unique way this community functions. He plans to continue traveling and wants to shoot documentaries around the world. He thinks Clearwater is a cool place where you can express your passions and put all the time and energy you want into those interests.

Female teenage student smiling outside at Clearwater.


This is Olivia’s 5th year at Clearwater. Olivia is a very active member of our Theater Committee. She loves acting and hopes to continue this interest of hers throughout her life, possibly professionally someday! She discovered her passion for theater at Clearwater. She began by LARP-ing (Live Action Role Play) and quickly started participating in plays as well. When you LARP, you have the opportunity to build your own character, because of this Olivia has played a wide variety of characters. This has helped her feel confident in expanding the types of roles plays on stage to include all genders, personalities, etc.
Olivia finds a lot of value in her community at Clearwater. She says she feels happy and comfortable with her community yet also challenged and learns a lot from the diverse people she gets to know at school.