Planet Clearwater


No need to wait until Fall, enrollment is open throughout the school year! 

How to Enroll:

  • Visit Clearwater for a tour.

    • Staff, and sometimes students, provide tours to interested families. Tours typically last 30 minutes - 1 hour. This is a time for you and your students to see the facilities and have your initial questions answered.

    • Call (425-489-2050) or email ( us to set up a visit!

  • Orientation Meeting

    • During this meeting the potential student and guardians will meet with our enrollment clerk. Students will review our rule handbook (created by school meeting) and other important info for your Clearwater experience. This is a great chance to have more questions answered and to discuss the benefits and challenges of your child attending a self-governed school.

  • Visiting Week

    • This is a unique opportunity for future students get to test drive the school. During their visiting week, students have the same rights and responsibilities as enrolled students, freely using school facilities and participating in school activities. Visiting students are expected to follow school rules and participate in School Meeting and the judicial process. Part-time students may schedule their visit for five days that follow the same pattern as their plan to enroll (for example: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday one week; Tuesday, Wednesday the following week).

    • The visiting week costs $200

  • Follow - up Conference

    • During this meeting we discuss how the visiting week went and address any unanswered questions. If you are pursuing enrollment, necessary documents will be completed and turned in.

  • Enroll!

    • Enrolled children officially become voting members of school meeting!