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The Clearwater School is excited to present to our community a summer camp based on the Clearwater values of freedom, respect, youth equality and learning through play. Clearwater Camp is available from 10am-3pm for four sessions and is open to the public as well as currently enrolled students.

Expect spontaneous laser tag games, field games, foam weapon making, art projects, computer and video games and more! Please pack enough food for the whole day, a water bottle, sunscreen and a change of clothes if needed. Toys and electronic devices or other items from home are welcome.

What’s the difference between Clearwater Camp and a normal day at The Clearwater School? Shorter summer hours! Closed campus! More intimate community vibes! No formal processes such as JC (Judicial Committee) or School Meeting!


Session 1: 6/24-6/28
Session 2: 7/15-7/19
Session 3: 7/22-7/26
Session 4: 7/29-8/2

Times: 10AM - 3PM

Ages: 4-19

Cost: $250 per session per youth enrolled - Tuition assistance and scholarships are available by request. If you are currently enrolled at TCS and already have tuition assistance, you do not have to submit new information.

Note: Our minimum enrollment for sessions is 10 students and max is 60. Sessions may be cancelled or waitlists created depending on enrollment numbers.

Registration: Please complete our online registration

More information for campers who are not currently enrolled at Clearwater and their families:

The Clearwater School is a democratic free school where we trust youth and believe in people’s natural drive to learn and grow through play. Students at TCS are entrusted a higher level of responsibility and supported in learning how to be successful and independent people without ever taking a class or receiving a grade.

Clearwater Camp is a unstructured summer camp where youth have the freedom to choose what they would like to do all day every day! It’s a great place to meet people, share passions and interests, and enjoy your summer your way. We do ask that potential campers be responsible enough to keep themselves and others safe while unsupervised and that they are capable of knowing and respecting the boundaries of campus and of other campers.

Youth and families who are not currently enrolled in clearwater must attend an orientation where we discuss our model, campus boundaries, rules and expectations. Please RSVP on your registration form, contact us if you cannot make the scheduled orientations.
Session 1 orientation: Monday, June 24th at 9am

Session 2 orientation: Monday, July 15th at 9am

Session 3 orientation: Monday, July 22nd at 9am

Session 4 orientation: Monday, July 29th at 9am

*Attending Clearwater Camp does not count as a visiting week for youth who are seeking enrollment. Call or email for more info if your family is interested in learning more about enrolling at The Clearwater School.*